Manage Mac partitions without Risk of losing Mac data

We create new mac partitions to store different kinds of data separately. These separate partitions help in storing huge volumes of data properly and make it easy to access the files. Sometimes, you need to add more partitions in the hard drive or delete one of the unwanted partitions.

Similarly, you may also need to format unwanted data from a partition or just increase/decrease the size of a partition. Mac provides an inbuilt utility, ‘Disk utility’ to perform all these operations. But, some Mac users, especially the new ones do not feel comfortable working with Disk Utility and rather require more interactive Mac utility to Manage Mac Partitions.

When you buy a new internal or external hard drive for your Mac, you need to initialize the same and make partitions in it. Similarly, even in your old hard drive, you may sometimes need to add new partitions.

If you do not want the data from any partition or Mac volume, you can format the same and store data afresh. But, in some occasions, due to virus infections or file system related problems, even Disk Utility fails to format partitions. In such situations, you need one powerful third party Mac utility to help you format the troubled partition efficiently.

In some other occasions, you may even need to delete an unwanted partition and add the memory space to some other existing partitions. In this context, you may either need to increase or decrease the size of a partition. In Disk Utility, the available disk space is shown scattered and in order to increase the size of a partition, you need to have sufficient free space below the particular partition. Disk Utility does not allow you to move a partition, while trying to increase a partition size.

But, there are many Mac partition manager utilities available in the market, which automatically move partitions intelligently. These utilities arrange available free space adjacent to the particular partition, which size is to be increased and perform the operation thereof. Similarly, with the interactive graphical user interfaces of these utilities, you can easily perform other partition managing operations, such as adding new partition, deleting partitions, formatting partitions etc.

In this respect, you can opt for Stellar Partition Manager, which helps managing your Mac partitions safely. The software is completely risk free in all its operations and absolutely easy to use. Moreover, along with all the above discussed operations, Stellar Partition Manager provides an additional useful option, ‘Hide/Reveal’ partitions. With these options of the software, you can hide any Mac partition against unwanted access and reveal at the time, you want.