Create Boot Media

Sometimes, if your hard drive is running out of storage space, whereas the boot volume contains huge unwanted space, you want to trim the extra space from the boot volume, so that a new partition can be created out of that trimmed space.

In your Mac system, the boot volume is the partition, in which the Mac operating system and its associated system files have been installed. By default, the applications get installed in the boot volume and moreover, the system boots from here only. Hence, you cannot perform any operation on the boot volume of the system, while booting from the same volume.

However, you can perform various partition related operations on the boot volume by booting the system from a Bootable media, rather than the boot volume. This Bootable media will contain all the necessary system files, which are needed to boot into the Mac system. Once, you boot into the system through the Bootable storage media, you can see all the hard drives as well as the volumes present in the system. Moreover, you can perform all partition related operations on any of the volumes, including the boot volume of the system.

Stellar Partition Manager Software is an immensely useful application to create, delete, format, resize and hide/reveal Mac partitions efficiently. The utility provides this unique feature to create Bootable USB or a low capacity storage media, which can help you perform any partition related operation on the boot volume of your system.

How to Create a Bootable Media using Stellar Partition Manager:

  • Run Stellar Partition Manager utility and click ‘Continue’ to see the main screen. The main window of the software displays all the hard drives attached to the system. Click the hard drive containing the boot volume. A dialog box opens with a message to create a Bootable Disk Image to perform any operation on the boot volume.
create a Bootable Disk Image

  • Click Create Image to start processing disk image of the boot partition
Note: : Ensure that you have at least 8 GB of free disk space in the destination drive.

create bootable dmg

  • Provide destination for saving the disk image ‘StellarBootDVD.dmg’. The software will start creating the DMG on the defined location.
creating DMG on defined location

Once the disk image is created on the said location, go to Disk Utility Restore tab. Provide Source as ‘StellarBootDVD.dmg’ and Destination as another external USB drive. Start the process to make the USB drive bootable. Once the process gets finished, restart Mac and press-hold Option key to bring up the Startup Menu option. Select the USB drive and boot your Mac with it. Stellar Partition Manager utility will now operate in bootable environment and help you resize startup disk i.e. Macintosh HD.