Create Mac Partition

After over a period of time, it is usual that your Mac hard drive becomes full and you need to buy an extra external hard drive. The new external hard drive needs initialization as well as separate partitions/volumes for storing different categories of data (Separate partition for data, separate for video, songs, movies etc.). Similarly, if you want to use another operating system along with Mac OS X, then you will have to make a separate partition in your Mac hard drive with a suitable partition scheme. For all such needful situations, Stellar Partition Manager can be immensely useful, which can help you create a new partition safely.

There are two distinct built-in ways to create Mac partition. One is through Boot Camp Assistant, which is used to set-up Windows in a new partition, the other is through Disk Utility. For any purpose, other than setting up a multi boot system, Disk Utility is the option for partitioning Mac, using different custom partition schemes.

If you want to create partition onto your start-up disk using Disk Utility, you need to boot your Mac from the OS installation disc by holding the key, ‘C’. After following some instructions and going to ‘Utilities > Disk Utility’ from the menu bar, you can perform the operation.

Similarly, if you want a new partition onto the hard drive, other than the start-up disk, you need to go ‘Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility’. After that choose the drive and click ‘Partition’ tab. Here, under ‘Volume Scheme’ you need to provide various information, such as the volume name, size and number of partitions. Before finishing the process, you need to choose the correct partition scheme (GUID Partition Table/Apple Partition Map/Master Boot Record), as per your requirement.

Though Apple has provided these options for formatting Mac, the processes are extremely long and seems complex to many users. Moreover, many novice Mac users do not find Disk Utility a friendly application in partitioning Mac and rather prefer to use any third-party Mac partition software.

Stellar Partition Manager utility overcomes these obstacles and provides a simple and easy-to use platform for creating or adding new partitions to the Mac hard drive. Moreover, the software offers you to create a ready-to-use bootable disc, through which you can boot your system and make partitions onto your start-up volume. With highly interactive user interfaces, the software helps you create partitions with few easy steps.

How to Add/Create Mac partition using Stellar Partition Manager:

  • Run Stellar Partition Manager software. The main interface lists all the hard drives attached to the system. Choose the hard drive, in which you want to create a new partition and click ‘Add’ button from the tool bar.

Note: To create a new partition on the Boot Drive, the software prompts you to create a bootable disc, through which you can boot your system and make the partition.

Add/Create Mac partition

  • The ‘Add New Volume’ dialog box gets displayed. Give the Volume Name and specify the size of the volume using the slider. Click the Ok button.

Add New Volume

  • The new operation will get added to the ‘Task to do’ list. Click ‘Start’ button on the tool bar to start the partition creation process.
start the partition creation process

  • A message box will be displayed with a message to take back-up of your important data before carrying out the process. Click ‘Continue’ to create/add the new partition.

message to take back-up of your important data

  • A process completion message box will be displayed. You can see the new partition in the drive along with other partitions.

completion of the process

Stellar Partition Manager is a immensely useful utility for all Mac users to create/add partition in a hassle free manner. The software is completely compatible with all versions including OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and macOS Sierra 10.12 and can be used by experts to novice home users.

*Download the free trial version to evaluate features such as Create, Delete, Format, Resize, Hide & Reveal partitions.