Delete Mac Partition

Sometimes, due to file system corruption, operating system malfunction or other similar reasons, the Mac partition gets corrupted and becomes completely inaccessible. In certain cases of severe corruption, even you cannot format the partition. In such conditions, the corresponding volume/partition first needs to be deleted before creating a fresh partition.

Similarly, when you need to increase the size of a particular Mac volume/partition and no free spaces are left on your drive then you cannot resize the partition. Here, first you have to delete any unused partition, so that a new partition of the required size can be made out of the generated free space.

Stellar Partition Manager is a powerful utility, which can help you in deleting partition on Mac, irrespective of its level of corruption. Moreover, if you have installed Microsoft Windows through Boot Camp Assistant and now do not want the Windows partition any more, the utility can be pretty useful in deleting the partition, so that it can be further used.

Though, Apple has provided inbuilt options to remove partitions in Mac through ‘Disk Utility’, many users find Disk Utility to be unfriendly. Moreover, with busy work schedules, many users do not want to dig their nose into the technical details of a utility. Rather, they just need a more flexible and easy to operate third-party utility to do the job lucidly, without much attention.

Here, Stellar Partition Manager proves very useful for both the novice users as well as the expert users, who cannot afford much time and attention to perform these jobs. With highly interactive graphical user interfaces, this wonderful utility gives an easy means to delete unwanted partitions/volumes.

Note: Before deleting a partition/volume with this Mac delete partition software, take backup of the necessary data, as the data removed by the deletion process is beyond the scope of recovery.

Stellar Partition Manager is a highly efficient application to remove Mac partitions. The software allows you to remove any unwanted partition or volume from the Mac hard drive so that the Mac OS can mark the deleted partition as free and you can use it to create a new partition.

Steps to delete Partition on Mac

  • Run Stellar Partition Manager utility. The initial screen with a brief about Partition Manager Software opens. Click ‘Continue’ to go to the main window.
delete Partition on Mac

  • Select the hard drive from left pane of the software and from the top menu click Delete button. The software adds the job into the ‘Task to do’ list; click the ‘Start’ button to perform deletion.

Select the hard drive

  • A message window pops up with a text to take proper backup of important data before removing Mac partition.
message to take back-up of your important data

  • Click ‘Continue’ and the process of deleting partition on Mac begin.

process of deleting partition on Mac

  • On completion of the process, the selected partition gets completely removed from Mac hard drive.

completion of the process

Stellar Partition Manager is an absolutely risk-free utility to erase Mac partitions and does not make any unwanted change in the rest of the volumes/partitions. The software is compatible with all Mac OS X versions and is pretty simple to use.

*Download the free trial version to evaluate features such as Create, Delete, Format, Resize, Hide & Reveal partitions.