Precautions while partitioning drive

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Stellar Partition Manager is not accepting the registration key because the key is for a prior version of the software and the latest version of the application will not accept it. It is advised that you contact Stellar Technical Support for a free copy of your version of the software or you can purchase the latest version of the software.
Stellar Partition Manager performs disk operations like creation, deletion, resizing, and formatting of partitions as well as hiding and revealing partitions. Disk operations are critical operations and that is why it is strongly recommended that you quit other application before running Stellar Partition Manager.
Partitions are logical storage units, which treat one physical disk drive as if it were multiple disks. Making a few partitions on your Mac hard disk using Stellar Partition Manager will not lead to slowing down of your Mac. For optimum performance and usage of hard disk space, you must ensure that the size of the partition is 20-25% of the hard disk size. However, excessively partitioning a hard disk might lead to slower performance.
Yes, you can purchase Stellar Partition Manager offline. There are three ways for purchasing the software offline. They are as follows:

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3. Order by Fax

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The Site license version of Stellar Partition Manager software is for usage by unlimited number of users at a single site. This means that at a given site (single geographical location, like an office), you can install the software on unlimited number of Macs. This license is usually for organizations or offices having a large number of users.

There is no difference in the functionality of the single-user license version and the site license version of the software. Both the versions of the application run all the features.

Precautions that one should follow while performing any disk operations on a hard drive are as follows:

You must backup your data before creating any new partition.

When performing any partitions on an external media, make sure that the media is well connected to the Mac.

For optimum performance and usage of hard disk space, ensure that the size of the partition is 20-25% of the hard disk size.

As disk operations (formatting, partitioning etc.) are critical operations, ensure that proper electricity back up is available during the operation.

Note: As a precaution, you should always back-up your data before creating new partitions on your hard disk.

Stellar Partition Manager gives you the option of resizing an existing partition of your Mac. Using the resize feature of the application, you can either increase or decrease the size of your partition.

You will not lose any data if you resize any existing partition of your Mac. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you back up your data before resizing the partition of your Mac.

Note: As a precaution, you should always back-up your data before creating resizing the partitions of your Mac.

Yes, Stellar Partition Manager provides an easy way for you to hide or reveal a partition of your Mac. You can hide a partition of your Mac to avoid access or tampering of data stored in that partition.

Note: A hidden partition will appear on the middle pane with an automatically generated disk identifier name. However, in some cases, the hidden partition will retain its original name. When you hide a partition, it is temporarily unmounted.

Note: Hidden partition can be visible in other applications or utilities but you cannot perform any read-write operations on them.

Demo version of Stellar Partition Manager gives an insight to a prospective user on how the application works. Some features of Stellar Partition Manager are disabled in the demo version of the application.

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