Requirements for Mac bootable DVD

Using Stellar Partition Manager bootable DVD, you can format, delete, or resize the boot volume of your Mac. You can also use the bootable DVD to boot your Mac and to run Stellar Partition Manager without installing it.

Minimum system requirements for creating a bootable DVD using Stellar Partition Manager are as follows:

  • A blank DVD
  • DVD writer

Any working Macintosh Operating System

Yes, you can most certainly use any third-party burning software of your choice for burning the image while creating the bootable DVD.
You can create, delete, resize, format, and hide/reveal a Mac partition using Stellar Partition Manager but you cannot merge two or more partitions into a single one.
You are unable to resize the partition because either your partition has bad sectors or it has some errors in it. You must check the partition for bad sectors.
In case, if a partition has bad sectors, then Stellar Partition Manager software might freeze during a run. You must check the partition for bad sectors.
Stellar Partition Manager software supports Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Mac OS Extended, Mac OS Extended (Case-Sensitive, Journaled), Mac OS Extended (Case-Sensitive), FAT, and ex-FAT formatted partitions.

If the application is not allowing you to perform any operation on a partition then the concerned partition is formatted with an unsupported file system.

If Stellar Partition Manager is displaying the “Insufficient free space to add a new partition” message, then the drive in which you want to create a new partition does not have free space available in it. You first need to create a minimum of 512 MB of free space before creating a partition.
Stellar Partition Manager is partition management software, which requires a minimum 512 MB free space for creating a new partition.

Note: Space required for creating a new partition is taken from the free space available in the selected drive.

Stellar Partition Manager allows a user to hide/reveal a Mac partition. However, you cannot reveal a partition (hidden using Stellar Partition Manager), using any other third-party software.

Note: When you hide a partition, it is temporarily unmounted.

Note: Hidden partition can be visible in other applications or utilities but you cannot perform any read-write operations on them.

Before actually executing disk operations, Stellar Partition Manager first adds the tasks to a Task to do list and then after user confirms by pressing the Start button, the tasks are run. You can add any number of tasks to the Task to do list, as there is no limit on the number of tasks that you want to perform.