Stellar Partition Manager compatibility

Yes, you can run Stellar Partition Manager on hard drives of size 1TB or more. In fact, all features of the application can run effortlessly on hard disks of several terabytes size.
Stellar Partition Manager, as the name suggests, is a partition management application, which can create, resize, delete, and manipulate the partitions of your Mac as per your requirements. Stellar Partition Manager never deletes or modifies any data from any of your Mac partitions (unless you want to format or delete one of your partitions).

Stellar Partition Manager is hence a safe application to use.

Yes, you can perform disk operations on USB drives, memory cards, and external disk drives using Stellar Partition Manager. In fact, you can run all the operations on any external storage device of any make and size.

Note: For performing disk operations on memory cards, you have to connect them using card readers. After connecting the memory cards, use the Refresh button to reload the list of available volumes.

Yes, you can perform disk operations on the boot volume of your Mac using Stellar Partition Manager. To manage the boot volume, you have to boot your Mac with the help of another drive or bootable media. You can also use Stellar Partition Manager to create a bootable DVD.
Yes, Stellar Partition Manager can partition and format your new external hard disk. In fact, you can perform all the disk operations (features) of Stellar Partition Manager software on USB drives, memory cards, and external disk drives. To format and partition your new hard disk, you need to connect the new hard disk to your Mac and then, partition the hard disk.
Stellar Partition Manager is Mac software to manage drive partitions. You can create new partition, re-size existing partition, delete partition, and hide or reveal partition. Key features of Stellar Partition Manager are as follows:
  • It supports Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.
  • It supports both GUID partition table and Apple partition map.
  • It also supports FAT and ex-FAT partitions.
  • It creates new partition from the free space of the hard disk.
  • It can resize a partition without any data loss.
  • It can perform data verification while shifting and resizing the partitions.
  • The Fast shift option available in the application can move partitions quickly. 
  • You can add multiple tasks to a To Do list which are run as a batch operation.
  • If necessary, it can optimize the free space before resizing a partition.
  • It can erase complete data from a partition using the Format option.
  • You can secure a partition from unwanted user access using the Hide option.

You can use the Reveal option to mount the hidden partitions.

The different payment options available for buying Stellar Partition Manager are as follows:

Online Payment Options – These options are available for purchasing the software online. The various options available to the buyer are:

  • Credit Cards (McAfee SECURE,  Secure Socket Layer Technology & VeriSign Secured)
  • PayPal
  • Checks (Pre-payment)

Online Payment Options – These options are available for purchasing the software offline. The options are:

  • Order through a Reseller
  • Order using a Purchase Order
  • Order by Fax

Note: For more details on ordering the software (both online and offline), visit

Note: Of all the options mentioned above, purchasing using credit cards or through PayPal are the fastest options of ordering the product.

The site license version of Stellar Partition Manager software is for usage by unlimited number of users at a single site. This means that at a given site (single geographical location, like an office), you can install the software on unlimited number of Macs. This license is usually for organizations or offices having a large number of users.
A single user license of Stellar Partition Manager costs US$39.00 whereas a three-user license costs US$79.00. The cost per user of the software decreases from US$39.00 (for a single user) to US$26.33 (for a three-user license).

The cost per user of Stellar Partition Manager decreases with the increase in the number of users. Hence, it is advisable that you purchase a three-user license of the software rather than purchasing two single user licenses of the software.

As a licensed user of Stellar Partition Manager, you are eligible for upgrades. There are two kinds of upgrades available for Stellar Partition Manager – minor and major upgrades.

Licensed users of Stellar Drive Defrag software are eligible for free minor upgrades of the software that Stellar releases from time to time. For minor upgrades, users can choose to upgrade the software, either manually or automatically. 

For major upgrades, however, the user will have to buy the latest version of the software.