Format Mac Partition

Many times, you feel the need of erasing data of the entire partition or volume, so that you can remove all the old unwanted files and organize the partition afresh. Apart from this, at times, the partition gets badly corrupt and becomes completely unused. In such cases, if the volume/partition is beyond repairing and you got the backup of the data, then, you can format the volume to reuse it again.

In all such situations, Stellar Partition manager utility can help you format a partition smoothly and paves the way for storing data freshly.

Another common situation arises when you buy a new SATA/ ATA (Internal)/ FireWire (External) hard drive for your Mac system. The hard drive usually comes with platform compatibility. This means, your new hard drive can work on both Mac as well as Windows operating system. But, with this cross platform compatibility, there are certain stability or facility issues. The new hard drive could have a file allocation size limit of 2 GB or so, which can be problematic, while storing a bigger file onto the disk. A file with bigger size can only be stored in multiple memory chunks with a maximum size of 2 GB each and hence, will significantly lower the data access speed of the system.

Therefore, many users who don’t use Windows on their hard drive for Mac want to format the drive for Mac only. In order to remove all traces of platform compatibility and make the drive completely Mac only, one can use Stellar Partition Manager software for formatting Mac partitions efficiently.

Note: As, formatting will erase all your data from the drive; you must always remember to take appropriate backup of your important data before formatting any partition.

Stellar Partition Manager is a powerful as yet easy-to use utility for formatting Mac hard drive/volume. With highly interactive graphical user interfaces, this Mac formatting software is very useful for all Mac users, who face difficulty in formatting volumes with Disk Utility.

How to format Mac volume using Stellar Partition Manager:

  • Run Stellar Partition Manager. The interface lists all the attached drives in the system.
  • Choose the drive, in which you want to format a partition. It will graphically show all the partitions/volumes in the middle pane of the interface.
  • Select the particular Partition/Volume and click ‘Format’.
  • The operation will get added to the ‘Task to do’ list. Click the ‘Start’ button on the tool bar to begin formatting.
  • A message box will pop-up to tell you that you must take back-up of your important data before formatting. Click ‘Continue’ to format.
  • Once the process gets completed, the refreshed partition becomes ready for use.
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Stellar Partition Manager software has been designed with great innovation and is capable of formatting the selected drive/volume under almost any level of corruption. This helpful Mac partition format utility is quite easy to operate and runs well with all OS X versions 10.6 and later.