Mac Disk Partition

Stellar Partition Manager is a reliable disk partition utility to safely manage Mac partitions. This powerful Mac partition manager create, format, delete, hide/reveal, shift and resize different partitions on your Mac hard drive.

Sometimes, you may find Mac partition to be too small or so big that you want to either add some more space or trim the extra unused space to increase the storage efficiency. Similarly, at times, you want to delete unused partition data and create new partitions in the Mac drive.

In all such requirements, Stellar Partition Manager software is extremely useful. The Mac disk partition manager can format drive in Mac systems and create new partition from the available free spaces. The software allows you to shift volumes up and down so that you can resize the existing partition with 100% safety. Moreover, this Mac partition manager utility provides options to Hide/Reveal any partition, thereby preventing any unwanted access.

*Download the free trial version to evaluate features such as Create, Delete, Format, Resize, Hide & Reveal partitions.
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Once after running this disk partition Mac utility, you can perform the below functions quite easily:

Format Mac Partition
Format Partition

How to format drive in Mac:

Select Volume/Partition > Click Format > Enter Volume Name and Partition Type > Complete.

Create Partition

This option allows offers you to create a new partition from the available free space or gathering multiple chunks of free spaces.

How to create a new Partition:

Select free space/multiple free spaces > Click ‘Add’ > Enter ‘Volume Name’, ‘Size’ and ‘Partition Type’ > Click OK >Your partition is ready to use

Note: In case of multiple free spaces, click ‘Shift Volume’ and complete the process.

Create Partition
Delete Partition
Delete Partition

This option allows you to delete any unwanted partition/volume in your hard drive and mark it as free space.

How to delete a partition using this Mac disk utility delete partition:

Select Volume/Partition > Click Delete > Delete Volume > Deletion is complete.

Resize Partition

This option helps you in expanding or trimming partition size.

How to resize partition using this Mac disk utility resize partition:

Increase Partition Size:
Select Volume/Partition > Drag the slider to desired size > Click Resize > Specify Volume Size by dragging slider > Click OK > Process completes and the Resized partition mounts on desktop.

Decrease Partition Size:
Select Volume/Partition > Drag slider upward > Click Resize

Resize Partition
Hide/Reveal Partition
Hide/Reveal Partition

With these options, you can secure any partition/volume against unwanted access by temporary unmounting. Only by using the Reveal option of the software, you can mount the hidden partition/volume back.

How to Hide/Reveal Partition:

Hide Partition: Select Volume> Hide.

Reveal Partition: Select hidden volume > Reveal


Stellar Partition Manager is absolutely risk-free in all its operations and helps you optimizing your Mac hard drive quite easily. The software is compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

*Download the free trial version to evaluate features such as Create, Delete, Format, Resize, Hide & Reveal partitions.