Resize Boot Camp

Boot Camp is an application from Apple Inc that helps in installing Microsoft Windows operating system on your Intel based Mac. With this multi-boot utility, you can install and use any Windows OS along side your Mac operating system. Once finished configuring the Boot Camp Assistant, you can boot your Mac, choose between Mac and Windows OS and use features of both the OS. In fact, Boot Camp has provided Mac users the opportunity to use essential Windows programs, without having another Windows-only system.

Though Boot Camp is a wonderful idea to consolidate PCs into the world of Mac, its implementation is not a trivial task. The process simply involves creation of a new partition by repartitioning the Mac hard drive and installation of Windows OS as well as various device drivers. Below steps will give you a clear picture on how to install Windows on Mac by creating a Boot Camp partition.

Steps to Install Windows by Creating Boot Camp Partition on Mac:

  • Launch Boot Camp Assistant from /Applications/Utilities/
    Note: Before starting up the process, it is advised to backup all important data and log in as administrator to quit all running applications.
  • Adjust the divider to create a Windows partition of the required size. You can click the ‘Divide Equally’ button to divide the entire Mac hard drive into two equal pieces. You can also click the ‘Use 32 GB’ button to create a Windows partition of exactly 32 GB. Click on ‘Partition’ button.
  • The Windows partition gets created. Insert your Windows installation disk and click the button, ‘Start Installation’ in Boot Camp Assistant.
  • Select the partition named ‘C:Partition 3’. Note that in Vista select ‘Disk 0 Partition 3 BOOTCAMP’.
    Caution:  Be careful in choosing only the above mentioned partition, or else you will end up erasing data from your Mac partition.
  • Complete the Windows installation process and insert your Mac OS X installation disc to install the drivers. Restart your Mac.

Need Behind Resizing Boot Camp Partition

Now you can go on using your new Boot Camp partition with windows. There are occasions, when users need either more storage space in this Boot Camp partition or want to trim extra space from it. This is a kind of serious requirement of many Mac users, which is yet to be addressed by Apple. There is no option available in Disk Utility for resizing the Boot Camp partition and if you want you need to go through a dreaded process.

NO Option to Resize Boot Camp Partition in Disk Utility..

Such a process involves taking backup of the Boot Camp partition, deletion of the same using Disk Utility and again creation of the required sized partition using Boot Camp Assistant. Once the Boot Camp partition is created, you can restore your backed-up data. This process seems weird to many and is indeed extremely cumbersome.

Stellar Partition Manager V3.0 now resizes Boot Camp partition and allows you to adjust the size(s) of Mac partition and Windows partitions. Use simple drag feature to adjust the sizes of Mac & Windows partition using this Mac partition manager tool. This software supports resizing of NTFS, FAT and HFS file systems.