Resize Mac Partition

Stellar Partition Manager is an innovative utility to resize Mac partition. This utility can be immensely useful in improving the data storage efficiency of your Mac hard drive by enabling you to resize the partition/volume as per your data storage needs.

Why Need to Resize your Mac Partition!!

Over the period you keep on adding voluminous data to the various partitions/volumes of your Mac system. At a particular time you feel the need to increase the partition size so that you can accommodate all your data in a single storage location. Here Stellar Partition Manager for Mac comes as a helpful utility in resizing partition for maximum data storage and faster data access without any single chance of data loss.

Most of us face this situation that the partition where we install all our application files (usually known as the BOOT Volume) demands more storage in due course of time. To assign more space to such a volume, Stellar resize Mac Partition utility enables you to create a BOOTABLEMEDIA, using which you can comfortably resize the Boot Volume of your system.

Another common situation that we encounter is that a particular partition of your Mac system has very less data than the storage space it is assigned. This space remains unused or idle. Using Stellar Partition Manager you can decrease the size of such a partition and make use of the newly created free space. You can also add this free space to another partition or create an entirely new partition combining such free spaces together.

Stellar Partition Manager helps in resizing Mac partition safely in all scenarios without any data loss. With this wonderful utility, resizing mac partition is completely risk-free and pretty simple. It does it in just few easy steps.

Resize Mac Partition:

  • Run Stellar Partition Manager and select the disk, in which the partition/volume size to be increased or decreased.

How to Increase Partition Size:

Click the particular Volume/Partition from the graphical view of the volumes and follow any of the below options:

graphical view of volumes

  • Manually, drag down the slider from the bottom of the partition, up to the desired size and click ‘Resize’.

Note: You can increase the partition size, only if you have sufficient free space available below the particular volume/partition.

  • Choose the particular Volume/Partition and the free spaces together from the graphical view of the interface. Click ‘Resize’ icon on the tool bar.
  • Once, you click the ‘Resize’ icon, the ‘Resize Partition’ window appears. Move the slider and specify the required volume size. Click ‘OK’ and the resizing process starts.
  • On completion of the resizing operation, the resized partition will get mounted on the desktop.

How to Decrease Partition Size

To decrease the size of the partition or volume, follow the below steps:

  • Select the particular Mac partition, you want to decrease.
  • Click ‘Resize’. The resizing process starts.

Note: If there is any data block present in between the free spaces, you may receive a pop-up message to optimize the free space. In such a situation, click ‘Optimize’ to proceed further. This will perform the optimization of the free space and resizes the volume to the required size.

Stellar Partition Manager is completely read-only in nature and resizes the selected volume or partition with utmost safety. The software works with Mac OS X 10.6 and all later versions.